We are a team of teachers, educators, and social workers

Our experienced, compassionate, and
analytical approach not only helps students
comprehend the content they are learning,
but also helps them become more aware of
their thought processes. Helping students
become their own teachers is the most
powerful way to directly impact results and
develop lifelong learning skills.

Joining Our Team

Our mission is to develop cooperative/worker-run, affordable educational support services that address curriculum harm and empower students to grow into confident young adults rooted in their values, who think critically and have the skills to work in solidarity within diverse communities and teams.

We are a worker-run collective of tutors committed to addressing curriculum harm, building an equitable workplace, and maximizing our ability to provide affordable tutoring. We are looking for passionate educators to join us as co-owners! If you’re interested in joining our team, click the application button below.

Our Aims and Goals

Accessibility of educational support

We believe in empowering students and making tutoring accessible to all families, regardless of income. As such, we use funds generated from market-rate tutoring to enable us to also offer tutoring on a sliding scale/pay-what-you-can basis, and fund other educational projects that align with our values.

Equitable Employment

We believe in equitable employment conditions and non-extractive business practices, where workers are in control of the decisions that affect their work and benefit from the profit their labor generates.

Teaching Philosophy

Our collective of tutors aims to not only help students develop skills that enable them to thrive academically, but to also help students grow into confident young people who are rooted in their values. We do so by equipping them with the interpersonal and professional tools needed to engage, contribute and work in solidarity within diverse communities and teams.

Interrupting cycles of generational poverty

We support young entrepreneurs, particularly those from low income backgrounds, by providing well paid and well supported career opportunities within the collective.

Decolonizing curriculum & education

We see that our educational system often does not holistically address the needs of students in a way that enables them to thrive and research shows that curriculum sometimes actively harms students’ self esteem, ability to think critically, natural curiosity, intrinsic motivation and creative problem solving. We therefore aim to teach with or develop a curriculum that affirms our students’ identities and supports them in deconstructing the societal messages they receive. We also aim to develop young educators of color by providing paid opportunities to participate in the collective and receive training to tutor.

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