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In Test Prep lessons, we leverage our expert knowledge of the tests’ structures to help students understand exactly what is being asked of them. Lessons include general test taking techniques, complex processing strategies and a timing strategy tailored to each student’s strengths. Each tutor’s attentive analysis and direct feedback helps students efficiently reach their target scores.

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Our Instructors

Camy Seitz-Cherner


Within the past 6 years, I have helped hundreds of students achieve their goals and have trained tutors on how to deliver high quality learning experiences for their students. My approach is analytical and compassionate; I help students achieve their results by honing in on the specific areas holding them back, not only supporting their skill development but also modeling for them how to diagnose difficulties they face for themselves in the future.

Nima Sohrabi


Nima is a kind, approachable educator with 5+ years of experience helping high school and college students understand STEM concepts and prepare for exams and work with them to develop test-taking strategies. He has a background in chemical engineering and excels at designing engaging lessons.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
My son worked with Camille Seitz-Cherner for SAT with 1 on 1 sessions and improved his score from a 1420 to a perfect 1600.  They were patient and diligent with him as he worked through the worksheets they provided and also all of the practice tests.  Camille was thrilled for my son, as much as he was happy for himself, which meant a lot to him.  I whole heartedly recommend Camille!
Randy R.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had Camy (Camille Seitz-Cherner) as a tutor for the SAT and ACT this past spring. Starting from our first meeting together, Camy made sure to make a clear schedule and direction we would follow before the test dates. During our sessions, Camy helped me improve my scores on each practice test, go in depth on material I was struggling with, and always made sure to ask if I was fully comprehending the material. I always felt I had improved by the end of the session and learned something beneficial I could use to improve my score by the next exam. I would definitely recommend them as they helped my score, taught me new strategies for all tests in my future, and gave me new knowledge I’ve brought with me in my high school academics as well. Thanks Camy!!
Leila T.
Junior (Class of ’20)

We recommend 10 1-on-1 lessons over 10 weeks for students that are new to the SAT. If you’re already familiar with the SAT and are interested in the ACT, we cover the differences in the tests over 4-5 lessons.

We believe quality education should be available to all, regardless of income. Our full price 1-on-1 sessions are $130-$175/hr, and reach out to learn more about our Economic Justice pricing.

All electronic materials and services are included in the price of lessons. Check-in calls and progress update emails are always free!

Yes! We do offer group rates if you want to sign up with a friend, up to 6 in a session. Highly recommended to take advantage of our peer learning strategies. Group lessons are 2 hours.

Schedule a free phone consultation with one of our dedicated test prep experts, to help determine which test might be best suited to your strengths! You can also take our diagnostic tests. Most students prepare for both, starting with the SAT then adding on a few sessions to cover the differences of the ACT.

Our lessons are available to all grades, if you need a test result to apply for a summer course, or if you just want to get started early on learning test taking strategies.

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