Redwood Learning Collective

a worker-owned tutoring cooperative

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Our Teaching Philosophy

Our experienced, compassionate, and analytical approach not only helps students comprehend the content they are learning, but also helps them become more aware of their thought processes. Helping students become their own teachers is the most powerful way to directly impact results and develop lifelong learning skills.​

In Academic tutoring lessons, we craft explanations around students’ individual interests to make the content relevant, interesting and memorable. Each lesson goes beyond homework help, incorporating study skills and test-taking skills to equip students with tools that will last them a lifetime. 

In Test Prep lessons, we leverage our expert knowledge of the tests’ structures to help students understand exactly what is being asked of them. Lessons include general test taking techniques, complex processing strategies and a timing strategy tailored to each student’s strengths. Each tutor’s attentive analysis and direct feedback helps students efficiently reach their target scores.

We have successfully helped over 100 students reach their goals, whether those goals have been to bump a C up to an A, to delve into the subject beyond the prescribed curriculum, or to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop cooperative/worker-run, affordable educational support services that address curriculum harm and empower students to grow into confident young adults rooted in their values, who think critically and have the skills to work in solidarity within diverse communities and teams.

One way to help in our mission is by donating to our Economic Justice scholarship fund. In 2021, we donated 20% of our tutoring hours to lower-income families, in 2022 we achieved 21%, and in 2023 we donated 18% of hours. If you’d like to support our mission of ensuring that all students, regardless of income, have access to quality educational support services, you can do so via our paypal donation button below or by emailing us at

Our Team

Sherinda Bryant


  • English
  • History
  • College Applications

Khoa Dao


  • Algebra 1, Geometry
  • Algebra 2, Pre-Calc
  • Calc AB, Calc BC
  • Stats, AP Stats
  • Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics C

Camy Seitz-Cherner


  • K-8 All subjects
  • Geometry, Algebra 2
  • English, History, AP French
  • College Applications
  • Career Coaching

Nima Sohrabi


  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics I, AP Physics II
  • Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus I
  • SAT and ACT prep

Kari Cheng


  • Beginner and Intermediate Piano
  • Beginner and Intermediate Voice
  • Intro to Music Theory
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
My son worked with Camille Seitz-Cherner for SAT with 1 on 1 sessions and improved his score from a 1420 to a perfect 1600.  They were patient and diligent with him as he worked through the worksheets they provided and also all of the practice tests.  Camille was thrilled for my son, as much as he was happy for himself, which meant a lot to him.  I whole heartedly recommend Camille!
Randy R.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had Camy (Camille Seitz-Cherner) as a tutor for the SAT and ACT this past spring. Starting from our first meeting together, Camy made sure to make a clear schedule and direction we would follow before the test dates. During our sessions, Camy helped me improve my scores on each practice test, go in depth on material I was struggling with, and always made sure to ask if I was fully comprehending the material. I always felt I had improved by the end of the session and learned something beneficial I could use to improve my score by the next exam. I would definitely recommend them as they helped my score, taught me new strategies for all tests in my future, and gave me new knowledge I’ve brought with me in my high school academics as well. Thanks Camy!!
Leila T.
Junior (Class of ’20)